Wearing boots will definitely rock your look. For those who are experiencing bad weather right now, this pair of boots is the right one for you!

Always remember, not all boots can give you 100% comfort. But, with this pair of Palladium Boots, a brand from europe, it will give you both 100% style and comfort. Worth the money!

I'm wearing one of the latest pair of boots from Palladium Boots, called Monochrome- Black. Right now, they don't have white available for men, but who cares? Black is better than white, less maintenance and its more masculine than the other colors.

Here's a basic fashion tip in picking the right color for you, if you wanna think practically, choose a neutral color, like brown, black and white. Because, you can pair them in different colors so it's less hassle for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your own pair of Palladium Boots now! You can visit Sneaker Club located at 2nd floor of Abreeza- Ayala Mall.

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