Hi, Hey, Hello!

I'm getting addicted with the song Hi, Hey, Hello by The Chicharones, that song by the way was used in a Samsung Galaxy S4 Short film. I really fell inlove with it, made me realized that I chose the right phone for me. 
Last Wednesday, I was challenged to wear prints on prints, it was my first time actually, thank God it went well! Wearing prints on prints is a tough decision to make, because you don't know if it's okay or not. Well, for me, it's okay to wear prints on prints as long as you will balance all the colours and the patterns or the design of the print. To break the momentum, I added 4-colours necklace.
(Oxygen Long Sleeve, Bench Aztec Shirt, Speck Samsung S4, Markus Pants, Timex Watch, Butingtings Necklace)

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