I'm really preoccupied with school works now, that's why I haven't blog for almost 2 weeks. That's why I made a blog post that's worth the wait (I hope so!hahaha).  By the way, try to check my background, isn't awwwwwsome? I wish my love was here during this photo shoot (you know what I mean!hahaha) perfect place for loving, loving! hahaha. This place is also perfect for people who want to unwind, chill and relax after a stressful day of work! Well, if you wanna do it now, visit The Peak  located at Gaisano Mall of Davao.

About my look, What I really love with Basic Shirts, you can pair or layer it with other clothes, like, Blazers, jackets, buttondown, etc. Here's what I did, I paired my pink plain shirt with my blue-green cardigan since I don't wanna look so simple. And, since I wanna look slim as well, I didn't close the buttons of my cardigan. In that way, my love handles and my biggy stomach will not be obvious or will be covered.hahaha 
Crotch pants, this is ideal to persons who really love wearing boots. Because, you don't need to fold or do effort works just to compliment your pants and your boots. Plus, it really gives you comfort! Like what I said in my previous blog post, it feels like wearing pajamas!hahaha
(Aldo Sun Glasses, Bench T-Shirt, Oxygen Crotch Pants, Timex Gold Watch, Thrifted Combat Boots)

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