Luckily, saw this denim top from my dad’s closet then I bleached it to turn ombre.  Sorry dad! Peace out! hahaha Good thing, he gained weight and just passed it on me. I love you dad! Hahaha 
Anyway, I really love people, pairing denim top on their denim jeans, it  really gives this classic feeling! So, then, I got envious, I tried making my own version, denim on denim ala JTE! hahaha
Oh by the way, I wore this in a blugre meeting that was happened in abreeza. With the davao bloggers, of course.  

(Dad's Denim Shirt, Terranova Jeans, Thrifted Combat Boots, China Town Sun Glasses)

Speaking of blugre, I’ll be sharing you some pictures that was happed during the meeting. 

Mr. Benjamin Cuaresma , owner of the Blugre, told us the brief background of their coffee shop and some upcoming events that will be happening this month of February.
Just to let you know, Blugre coffee is davao’s first and leading coffee shop, founded in 1998. It is a spin-off from the founder’s clothing company. Its very master franchise is Mindanao’s pride Manny, and wife Jinkee Pacquiao.

Blugre coffee is a proudly Mindanao brand and takes pride for starting a coffee culture in Davao. Blugre Coffee’s claime to fame is its signature drink, DURIAN GATCHPUCCINO, a hot cappuccino connection that blends espresso and fruit durian wonderfully. There is also the Durian Larcepuccino, the cold version of the signature drink.

They will be opening at Nicole 22nd Strip Apokon Road, Tagum City on February 22, 2013 and HMPC Davao Doctor’s College Bldg. Davao City on February 28, 2013.

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Photo by: Sharee Mendoza

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