The city’s premier shopping and lifestyle hub brings yuletide entertainment to
global level with the special mall show featuring The Von Trapps on Dec 7, 5pm at
SM Lanang Premier Atrium.

Meet Sofia, Melanie, Amanda, and Justin von Trapp. They are the great-
grandchildren of Captain von Trapp, father of the famous singing family whose story
captivated the world in the musical The Sound of Music. The siblings have continued
the tradition of the family’s exceptional musical gift and love of singing, sharing
songs and heart-warming family stories of life before and after coming to America.
The foursome has included the Philippines to be part of their world tour for the
entire month. Their remaining trips for 2012 are all set for various parts of the US.

Songs like The Sound of Music (same title as the movie and musical), My Favorite
Things, Do-Re-Mi, Sixteen Going on Seventeen, Edelweiss and Maria are some of the
songs that even today’s generation has become familiar with one way or another.

Filipinos in particular easily relate to the story behind the Von Trapp family for the
mere fact that they are tightly knit and love to sing together.

The Sound of Music tells the story of how Maria, tasked to look after the Von
Trapp children, became a permanent part of the family’s life. Their lives have been
interwoven by their love for music – a love that Maria introduced and picked up by
Captain Georg Von Trapp, the orphans’ doting father. The Captain fell in love with
Maria, and eventually got married to start a whole new adventure with the entire
family as they moved out of Austria on to the US.

For over four decades now, the touching story of the singing Von Trapp family
has been captivating the hearts of millions of people around the world. Different
versions have been told in movies and theater musicals, but the music remains the

Since then, members of the family have gone their separate ways to build their
own families. Music, however, continue to run through their veins and keep them
together despite distances. That family treasure of musicality was revived for public
performance when four great grandchildren decided to travel together and share
their family’s music to the rest of the world.

Catch this rare musical event in Davao City only at SM Lanang Premier on Dec 7,
5pm at the Atrium . For inquiries you may call the Marketing department at 285-

(Photo source:www.vontrappchildren.com/)

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