Before we talk about my look, let's have time to pray for people who are affected of BAGYONG PABLO. I hope everything will be okay. Don't forget to always pray and have faith with God. :)

(Thrifted Long Sleeve, Penshoppe Khaki Pants, Airwalk Shoes)

Hello there, guys! Whoah! Prelim Exam is fast approaching buuuuut i'm not yet MENTALLY ready (huwow?! Mentally ready? hahaha)... Well, that's life of being a student, right? We should embrace it! hahaha 
Okay, Moving forward, Let's talk about my look... I'm sure you're wondering why I chose this kind of color palette, right? And is this look quite redundant because I'm wearing all brown? 
Girls, gays, guys, wearing all brown is okay, AS LONG AS YOU'RE WEARING DIFFERENT SHADES OF BROWN. Thank God!, I read that tip on Camille Co's Blog. I thought wearing different shades of brown will look baduy or redundant, but I was wrong. Akalain niyo? Well, we're just all humans, we commit mistakes. hahaha

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