Do you have any idea what to buy/request this Christmas? Do you have also an idea where to buy great stuffs for an affordable price? If you don't, LAZADA.COM.PH is perfect for you!

Here are the great stuffs that I am eager to buy this coming Christmas!

IPad 2 with Wi-fi/3G (White)
As a blogger and a student, I really need AN IPAD 2. This gadget will always be perfect for me coz this has a 3G Broadband where in you don't need to look for a wifi connection or a internet cafe just to go online. If you wanna type some documents using MS WORD or MS POWERPOINT, don't worry coz you can download directly on this IPad 2! How convenient is that?
You can avail this gadget for only 33, 240 pesos!

Apple Macbook Pro 2.9 GHz 13.3" Laptop Silver
If you're a movie addict and loves to use photoshop like me, this laptop is a GREAT MATCH for YOU!
This has an Intel HD Graphics which is great for HD Movies and photoshop as well!
You can avail this gadget for only 72,990 pesos!
Italianos Matteo Loafers
I wanna match this with an all black top & bottom. Sounds sexy, right?! :)
 You can also pair this with your favorite chinos! :)
You can avail this for only 1,499 pesos!
Keep Benten Organic Glenplaid and Houndstooth Sneakers (Choco Brown)
You pair this sneakers with a polo shirt/t-shirt and a walking shorts. Perfect for chill time!
You can avail this for only 3, 499 pesos!
Casio G-Shock G-5600A-7D
I'm really a big fan of G-Shocks! I love their youthful and sporty designs! Plus, it has great features as well, like, its shock proof, 200 meters water resistant and it has an Electro Luminescent backlight. Worth the money!
You can avail this for only 5,495 pesos!

Actually, there are still great stuffs available on their website aside from these items and I can't mention all of them! hahaha And it will take me months to finish all of them!hahaha
You can visit LAZADA.COM.PH to witness their great items that is suitable for you!

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  1. Cool loafers! Sexy indeed! :D Didn't know Lazada has one of those... hmmm better check out their site hehe