Collaboration with T SHOPPE

I'm sure you're wondering why there's a tomato paper bag here on my outfit blog post. Becaaaaause, I just collaborated with none other than T Shoppe known as the Tomato Store. For girls and boys out there, this store is perfect for you because of their youthful items... Lakas lang maka bagets! And for people who are on mid-ages, kasali din kayo! Unless, you don't wanna look young?!hehehe
 Moving forward, this store offers a lot of colorful items from head to toe, Huray for colorful fanatic out there! Woot! If you want edgy type of look, they also have that! Lahat na! So, san ka pa? And hey, Did I mention they are offering affordable items? hmmm Now, I'm sure you're wondering... Before rushing to their store, check out my pictures that I've taken during my 1st visit... :)

Did I dress up the mannequin perfectly? I intentionally did this edgy yet sweet type of look... This look will always be perfect for movie dates, coffee, beach, etc.
 FYI: Please don't wear this at your school, or else, your school guards might confiscate your I.D. hehehe                                            
Here I am, busy doing the second look. hahaha
For the second look, I made an outfit that will always be perfect for wash days. 
This Summer-ish look will make you stand out in a crowd, Agree? Aside from the vibrant colors that I've chosen, this printed top will make an illusion to look you slimmer. So, this is perfect for girls who feel fat or who are quite fat! hehehe
 By the way, since I paired this with a flat shoes, I decided to fold it to look everything stand out. Para sulit ang look, diba? But if you're wearing high heels, don't fold it nalang... Kasi for me high heels will always stand out ,eventhough, you're wearing simple top and bottoms. In short, high heels will always stand out. hahaha
Since, the neon printed top has this little see thru on the shoulder area, I decided to put a white blazers to look decent for schooling. And if you're asking why I paired it with a white blazer instead of black or other colorful colors, it is because I don't want to look the person who's wearing this to look so loud. Aside from that, this white blazer will really add freshness to your face! 
What a perfect combination!
Since this look is so girly na, I decided to put some bracelets to give her a little edgyness. Para hindi boring, diba?
What I really love about this budget friendly orange flat shoes, is the metallic gold part: nagmumukhang mahal and it really gives accent to the look!
Well, if na bitin ko kayo sa mga items na napakita ko, you can visit T shoppe at Grand floor of Gaisano Mall Davao fronting Penshoppe and these young sales ladies will be happy to accommodate you! ;)

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