(TEE Culture SM Department T-Shirt, Regatta Pants, Springfield Sneakers, Forever21 Sun Glasses, Timex Watch)

It doesn't mean that wearing expensive Leather Jackets, fab long sleeves, metal bracelets, etc., makes you Swagger. Well, I just come up with a look wherein it's very fit for a student's budget. Yes, no need to spend a big amount just to have that SWAGGER look! *applause!
 Two of the major things that really makes this look a swagger, The Sun Glasses from Forever21(P330) and the shirt from Tee Culture(150). 

Okay, Lets start with my sun glasses, what I really love with this sunnies, it has this  Gold Metal Line on the top. It really gives this edginess feeling. Plus, it also gives that soft touch because  of the pink frame. (nakakalito diba?) That's why I bought this thing. It really gives me that "UNEXPLAINABLE FEELING". FYI: This sunnies is unisex, so boys and girls can wear this! Woot! I remembered the first time I wear this at school, all of my schoolmates were looking at me.(kumikinang kasi yung gold metal!hahaha) And seldom ka lang nakakakita ng ganyang design, agree?

Lastly, this t-shirt that I bought from the SM Department Store costs for only 150 pesos! Isn't UHmazing? The first time that I saw this shirt, reminds me of ZARA(that costs 1500 pesos and up!). I immediately bought this shirt when I saw the price.(mahirap na baka maubosan!hahaha) I'm also inlove with the print! 

Oh, By the way, this look will never be complete without this regatta red pants and this gray mid-high springfield sneakers. These things are my heroes, my life saviours! They really save my ass, if i'm on a rush and don't know what to pair on my top. Good thing, they were made! hahaha

PS: Vote for me at the SM-Youth University Campus Icon. You can vote 3 times a day per Facebook account. Look for Reynaldo Jr. Gutierrez. If you're using windows, I highly suggest you can use google chrome so that you'll not encounter any technical problems on their application. 
Thank you in advance! 

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